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What is auditing?

Entities that are subject to statutory audits are required to have financial statements and certain other financial information audited by an independent auditor. Auditors issue a written report or other form of assurance of the company’s information. An auditor’s report is made publicly available.

Financial auditing

Auditing gives assurance that financial information is correct, that laws are complied with, and that important procedures are in place. This engenders confidence and trust, both internally among employees and externally among customers and other business associates. Based on our professional and industry knowledge and experience and on our knowledge of your entity, we will ensure that our audit is tailored to your specific procedures and challenges.

Assurance and related services

Financial statements for entities that are subject to statutory audit must be audited by an independent auditor, and the auditor must prepare a report expressing an opinion on the entity’s financial statements. We can also provide other services where the assurance or opinion of an independent auditor is required.

Other services

As well as financial auditing and assurance services, our experience and skills also make us an ideal business partner/advisor for non-audit clients. Contact us with any questions you may have.