About us

An active and valuable discussion partner

Langseth Revision is an auditing firm based in Ryen, Oslo with eight employees, five of whom are state-authorised public accountants. We work closely on our engagements and aspire to serve as a valuable discussion partner for our clients within the prescribed guidelines. Langseth Revisjon AS is a member of The Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants.

Fredrik W. Langseth

State-Authorised Public Accountant and Partner

+47 986 44 463 Send an e-mail

Birgitte Lilleengen

Registered Public Accountant

+47 950 34 217 Send an e-mail

Ottar Langseth

State-Authorised Public Accountant

+47 924 99 009 Send an e-mail

Kirsten Pedersen

State-Authorised Public Accountant

+47 916 94 065 Send an e-mail

Ann Charlotte Guhnfeldt

Registered Public Accountant

+47 992 50 830 Send an e-mail

Kenneth Hellen Braaten

State-Authorised Public Accountant

+47 982 06 199 Send an e-mail

Anne Line Solberg

Registered Public Accountant

+47 417 78 836 Send an e-mail

Torgeir Urke

State-Authorised Public Accountant

+47 916 11 670 Send an e-mail


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